Item Trading Redesign
Over the past few months we've been working on our trading section, redesigning and linking it more closely with the trade community at H1Z1traders. Finally we're pleased with what we have created and we're re-opening it to the public.

Take a look at our new Trade Listings or use the menu above to choose a starting place.

POI Available on KotK Map
At the request of quite a few of you we've added the ability to choose from the list of POI on the KotK map.

Check it out [url][/url]

[img width=100][/img]
Battle Royale Loot Locations
Our Battle Royale Map Overlay now includes accurate loot locations for all weapons, ammo, first aid kits, backpacks and gear. Simply select the layer on the map page and choose what you wish to see.

[img width=100][/img]
Users Banned And Website Unavailability
Many apologies for the downtime and ban alerts that many of you received this morning.

Our server ran out of disk space and because our database was uncontactable users were falsely being redirected to our banned page, which of course you arent really.

We have been working with our hosting partner to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future and have doubled the available disk space gving us plenty of room for growth.

As you can see, normal service has been resumed but if you are experiencing any additional errors be sure to drop myself or sp0r a PM or post on our forum.

On a side note, if you haven’t already be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook (links at the top of the site), we will keep you up to date on issues like this in addition to bringing you updates of the latest features were implanting to the site.
Imports From Game Data
Just completed a script that allows us to directly update our database from the game data, this should mean updates come through a lot quicker and should be more accurate.

Just updated all items in the database, if you come across anything weird let me know :)
Resource Calculator
We are pleased to announce our latest feature, our H1Z1 resource calculator. This tool allows you to quickly build up a list of raw materials for any number of crafting requirements which you can then share with friends and allows both of you to work on collecting the items together, updating the list as you all update it.

Link to our H1Z1 Resource Calculator

[img width=100][/img]
Map Search Function
Added the ability to search our ever expanding database directly from the map page, all requests open in a new tab leaving your map placement intact.

PHPBB Embedable Maps
PHPBB forum owners can now take advantage of our new forum map share feature. This functionality provides forum users with a simple way of sharing a map location using a new BB Code and a map share id.

Visit the Map Share Help Page for more information.

[img width=100][/img]
Animated Images - Coming Soon
Good or bad idea? We would love to hear your thoughts, Let us know on Reddit

19th May 2015
Added a new Steam Portal that plots various stats and trends. Also has a quick link to the market data and your backpack if linked with Steam account.


You can now also use Steam to authenticate with the site, just use that option when logging in. If you have a H1Z1DB account already, you can now link your Steam account on the Edit Profile page.
13th May 2015

Now you can value the contents of your H1Z1 Steam backpack based on current market prices. This feature requires you to authenticate with Steam, your login data is [u]NOT[/u] shared with us.


Why not give it a try Value Your Steam Inventory
11th May 2015
  • [Website] - Steam market data capture every 30 minutes.
  • [Website] - New page added showing market items
9th May 2015
  • [Website] - Added ability to have game style tooltips on you're website.
4th May 2015
  • [Map] - Added a section for Locations
  • [Map] - Added some labels to the navigation
  • [Website] - Fixed the Decline Squad Application Bug
  • [Website] - Added pagination to the squad page for larger squads
3rd May 2015
  • [Map] - Added a quick reference Crafting Interface Onto The Map (new icon on the left)
  • [Map] - Only one manually pasted loc will be visible on the map, each paste updates the marker.
  • [Map] - Players who are offline over 15 Minutes are now hidden from the map
  • [Map] - Last Updated Timers are not updated on player markers (updated via UM)
27th April 2015
  • [Map] - Updated the Map text to reflect newly discovered locations.
  • [Website] - Added the Locations section.
25th April 2015
  • [Map] - Added the functionality back in to "Clear All Markers"
23rd April 2015
  • [Website] Fixed a bug that prevented the banner being removed for sponsors.
22nd April 2015
  • [Map] - Updated the terrain to accommodate changes in the game
  • [Map] - Updated the road layer to accommodate new road layout
  • [Website] - Added a 'what uses this' section to the view item page
21st April 2015
  • Map render speed improved by 500%, now capable of displaying thousands of POI with minimal performance hit.
  • Total redesign of our road name and place name layers
  • Google map style approach to labeling road names which follow the road path (screenshot)
  • Roads names and place text now fully supported across all 9 levels of zoom (screenshot)
  • POI Icon grouping, no need to spam the upper layers with lots of lower level details
  • Redesign of map icons
  • Implemented a separate BR POI layer which can be toggled (screenshot)
  • Vehicle Spawn Locations (50 added so far)
  • Key POI location drops (community driven updated over time) - Weapons, Ammo, First Aid, Wearables, Backpacks
  • BR Grid Renders quicker using new map optimisations.
  • New commands added for item lookups and item usage
  • Framework implemented to allow copying of keywords from in game chat to activate functions on the site map.
  • Command *craft=<item name>* - a popup will appear on your map giving details of the craft requirements.
  • Command *closepopup* - simple command to remove the craft popup and return to your map.
    All performed from within game onto your second screen / mobile or tablet, no tabbing required.
3rd April 2015
  • [Website] - Added a filter to the item and craft index pages
2nd April 2015
  • [Website] - Added a click to remove the mapshare x's, updates the share string dynamically.
  • [Map] - Updated the rendering of the BR Grid and Labels to speed up display.
  • [Map] - Consolidated many of the javascript source file into a single file
1st April 2015
  • [Map] Moved the coords to be fixed at the top of the screen instead of attached to the pointer
31st March 2015
  • [Map] - BR Grid overlay is now available to toggle on the map.
30th March 2015 - Twitch Bot
  • [Twitch] - H1Z1 Companion Twitch bot service released View Details
  • [Map] - Fixed the bug that would place a single marker when drawn shapes were being deleted
  • [Map] - Fixed the bug that centres your map on every squad member /loc upload, now just does it on yours.
  • [Map] - Further tweaks to our map to help further improve speed
28th March 2015 - Load Times Improved
  • [Hardware] - New Dedicated Serer has been provisioned, now serving all our map tile data (terrain, roads, names)
  • [Map] - Implemented a CDN (Content Delivery Network), all served mapdata is pushed through local serers now, should increase load times on cached tiles.
  • [Map] - Optimised all map tiles and made them much smaller, all zoom levels. The map should zooooommm!
27th March 2015
  • [Website] - Updated the player registration page to show more clearly details of Gravatar and that its optional.
26th March 2015
  • [Map] - Upgraded single click shareable markers, now uses a shareable link (see use guide)
  • [Map] - Changed the style and size of the map icons, we think they look better
  • [Map] - Turned off all POI from showing on the map by default, select what you want.
  • [Website] - Added a community news section
  • [Website] - As you can see, changed the layout of the page to show last 20 news feeds / changes
  • [Website] - Added a new section for Sponsored H1Z1 Twitch Streamer / YouTuber
  • [Hardware] - New virtual machines have been ordered to upgrade our service
  • [CDN] - Account has been created and soon we hope to role out local content speeding up your map loads times.
23rd March 2015
19th March 2015
  • [Upload Manager] - M no longer enables your mouse guys, instead use the MINUS(-) key or TAB.
  • [Website] - Added an Item Tooltip that displays on all game items.
  • [Website] - Integrated to allow sharing of player & squad pages, in addition to the home page. Please share :)
13th March 2015
  • Rationalised our community POI database and now by default we only display validated points.
  • Added a daily process to check for new valid items / verified publishers
  • Added an option to include unvalidated points into the marker feed should you wish.
11th March 2015
  • [Upload Manager] - Released v0.6
  • [Upload Manager] - Added Debug Mode to assist with fault finding, check the forum for more information on how to use it
  • [Website] - Added a squad notepad which available to all members of the group, new icon added to the left menu (4th)
  • [Website] - Fixed the issue with custom markers appearing at the center of the map
  • [Website] - Changed the positioning of all menu items to open from the top of the page
  • [Website] - Updated the advertisement campaign :( to try and generate revenue to put towards our massive bandwidth use.
9th March 2015
  • [Social] - Created our own community Sub Reddit, another place to keep you guys updated /r/h1z1db
  • [Website] - Added navigation controls to the squad find page when more than 20 results were available
  • [Website] - Converted player & squad view pages to use permalink style instead of numeric value.
4th March 2015
  • [Website] - Added support for Markers from within game using our custom Upload Manager application, view guide for details
  • [User Guide] - Created v0.1 of our user guide View Now
  • [Website] - Added the ability for squad management to remove a player from the squad.
  • [Forum] - Corrected the permissions of the registered users group, you should be able to contribute now.
26th February 2015
  • [Website] - Fixed a bug that displayed all squad members as owners.
  • [Website] - Fixed an issue when creating private squads.
  • [Website] - Added a link to create squad in the squads menu.
25th February 2015 - Big Update Day !!
  • [Website] - Added squad management system.
  • [Website] - Added ability to create public and private squads.
  • [Website] - Added ability to search, join, leave and request invites to squads.
  • [Website] - Added ability for users to link to their Gravator accounts for global avatar recognition.
  • [Map] - Added a drop down to allow players to save private markers (account required).
  • [Map] - Added a Squad selector drop down to allow players to choose with whom to share their points with.
  • [Map] - Added a tactical planning toolbox to allow markers, points, lines and shapes to be drawn on the map.
  • [Map] - Added a unique player marker which can be used to automatically to update position.
  • [Map] - Automatically updated player locations and facing direction.
  • [Map] - UI overhauled to give more screen estate back to you.
  • [Map] - Icons overhauled, made round and slightly larger.
  • [Map] - Small banner added to the lower right corner (consider clicking ;) or donate to remove it).
  • [Upload Manager] - Released v0.4
  • [Upload Manager] - Authentication with a H1Z1DB account allows you to choose with whom to share your updates with.
  • [Upload Manager] - Output recorded from /loc can now be shared with squad members to give pseudo real time updates.
  • [Bug] - LOTS - to many to list, hopefully their all squashed now.
14th February 2015 - Happy Valentines Day !!
  • [Website] - Added a player login / registration system, this will be used by various features that are coming soon.
  • [Website] - Added a page dedicated to the work of the Daybreak Community Issue Tracker
  • [Map] - Changed a selection of Icons to be a little more colorful as per the request on Reddit.
  • [Website] - Added all of the EU servers to the list, these are now available for those who requested them.
  • [Bug] - Fixed an issue that stopped points being shared with friends.
13th February 2015
  • [Map] - Implemented a super High Res map providing an additional 4 zoom depths, making 9 in total. Huge thanks to Sir Kane for his help with this!
  • [Map] - Added a watermark to the new images, hopefully you wont find them to off putting.
  • [Map] - Map improvements including optimisation to help reduce lag, re-coded the layer system.
  • [Website] - Changed some styles of various pages, added a new background to the home page.
4th February 2015
    [Map] - Added support to show the player direction on any posted /loc commands from game (example)
2nd February 2015
  • [Mobile] - Created a basic mobile app to provide an interface into the site.
  • [Logo] - Our in house Graphic artist sp0r created a new logo for the site.
31st January 2015
  • [Website] - Fixed a bug preventing Chrome and Safari users from utilising the search functionality.
  • [Website] - Added a donate button, just in case you guys are feeling generous :)
30th January 2015
  • [Upload Manager] - Released v0.3, now provides audible feedback of successful commands so can hear within game.
  • [Map] - Enhanced the legend to show over 50 different layers of detail
  • [Map] - Added an additional 320 points to the site after spending a few hours exploring (Source)
  • [Website] - Created a Server Status page providing up to date information on the state of each game server.
27th January 2015
  • [Upload Manager] - Created v0.2 of the windows support tool, added support for pasting items.
  • [Map] - Added version's to the submitted points, coincides the patch releases.
  • [Map] - Decreased the post threshold to one.
26th January 2015
  • [Map] - Road layer altered to take into account newly discovered roads and old ones improved.
  • [Map] - Place names layer altered to take into account newly discovered places based on community feedback.
  • [Website] - Lots of changes to the website, functionality to convert latlng to XY and vice versa.
  • [Website] - Created a Patch Notes page to provide an update resource of content change in the game.
24th January 2015
  • [Upload Manager] - Created v0.1 of the windows support tool entitled H1Z1 Upload Manager. Supports /loc copying
  • [Map] - Base layer texture altered to include main bodies and various streams
  • [Map] - Road and Place Names Layer applied.
  • [Website] - Extended the db to accommodate over 24 categories and 350+ sub categories.
22nd January 2015
  • [Map] - Updated the map following a user from Reddit Vanulabs releasing a Hires version (Source)
20th January 2015
  • [Website] - Basic website released with a searchable map.
  • [Website] - Basic Interface added to the map to allow POI submission
  • [Website] - Defined 11 initial categories for searching
  • [Map] - Based on an orginal design by a good friend of ours Tiberious88
UJEBAK SSANIJ - 189 weeks 4 days 11 hours 44 minutes ago
Would be nice to see Weapons lockers on the map
UJEBAK SSANIJ - 163 weeks 4 days 12 hours 45 minutes ago