Now you have the ability to share a H1Z1 map location within your phpBB forum posts. Our simple solution uses custom BB Code to dynamically load and embed our map and you're choosen location within your forum post.

Please note this feature will only work on phpBB forums that have our custom BBCode enabled, if yours doesn't consider sharing this link your forum admin.

It is not currently possible to share your tactical planning drawings, this is just purley for location.



Browse our map and find the location you wish to share
Map share info

Single click the map at the required location, this will be the center point of your shared map. An 'x' is displayed.
Map share info

You will notice the address in your browser has changed and is now a shareable link.
Map share info

Highlight the last part of the share (or double click it), and copy it. This ID is what we need to use on the forum.
Map share info


Create a new post, note the 'map' button is available meaning our script is available on this forum.
Map share info

Type in your message and paste in the ID from the step above. Use the map button to place the tags around the ID or type them in yourself.
Map share info

This is the actual code that displays the map in this example, use you're code to show you're location.



The result should look something like this, the map displays within the post for all to see.
Map share info


Setting up the required BBCODE is simple and can be achived by following these steps

1). Login to your phpBB forum and go into the administration panel

2). Click the Posting tab

3). Choose BBCodes from the left menu (if it isnt already selected)

4). Click the 'Add a new BBCode' button

5). In the BBCode usage field type:

Note: In the following example 'Map' will be the name of the button available for you're visitors

6). In the HTML replacement field type:

<iframe style="width: 100%; height: 500px;" src="http://www.h1z1db.net/mapshareforum/{SIMPLETEXT}" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

7). In the Help Line field type in some information about this command, e.g.

Place your H1Z1DB.NET mapshare into your post.

8). Save your button.