This update adds Badwater Canyon back into the mix - some servers run the classic "Z1" map, and some servers run the Badwater Canyon map. Both servers run the same rulesets, so both maps have free-placement, no raid shields, no Golden Eagle Coins, no safe zones, etc.

This update contains a number of fixes but there are still several known (but not publicized) exploits that we are addressing. Server stability has been greatly improving this week and we will continue to monitor crash reports and address any remaining issues.

*We request that you do not publicly post any exploitable bugs not reported fixed here. Send them to us privately (either via PM on reddit, PM on discord, or as a private ticket on* Publicizing exploits doesn't help us fix them quicker than reporting them privately, but it does ensure widespread abuse and makes it harder to punish those who abuse these exploits.

This update won't be ready for live until we have a stable game, running both maps, with all known exploits fixed - but we're getting closer!

Please report any exploits privately so we can ensure this launch is a great experience for all players.

This update includes the following changes and fixes:

  • Badwater Canyon is now available on select PVP and PVE test servers in both US and EU regions
  • Anywhere USA ("Z1") server population caps increased to 140 (the pre-BWC population cap)
  • Fixed an Anywhere USA map exploit
  • Added Ramps to the side of base foundations
  • Base foundation placement can be nudged up or down with shift+mousewheel to raise or lower your first foundation during placement. Later foundations will snap to that height
  • Fixed a number of server stability issues / server crashes causing player disconnects and rollbacks
  • Fixed an issue that was causing shacks to snap to foundations when placed near a foundation
  • Fixed an issue where players would respawn with a duplicate, unplaceable stash kit
  • Fixed an issue where molotovs, gas grenades, and incendiary grenades did not deal damage correctly
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling down through a full loot bag could hide the contents of a future loot bag by maintaining the scroll position
  • Fixed an issue where firefighter respirators did not properly counteract gas weapons
  • Removed durability loss on items when a player dies
  • Increased vehicle capacities by 50%
  • Increased storage capacities by 50%
  • Added an IED item (Crafting Recipe) - this mid-tier explosive presents an alternate explosive weapon crafting path
  • Fixed a Zombie and Wildlife pathing issue that could cause them to move erratically or rubberband
  • Gasser zombies now drop gas grenades on death
  • Exploder zombies now drop frag grenades on death
  • Banshee zombies have a chance to drop a loot cache key and a large amount of cloth on death
  • Removed Ctrl-R reporting function due to abuse. Report cheaters to
  • Fixed a duplication exploit

Known Issues
  • Badwater Canyon only - spawning near a military base will spawn you in the military base
  • Badwater Canyon only - initial character creation spawns aren't randomized properly

Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!

Source: Reddit